On Thursday at about 10 PM, Deputy Sheriffs were requested at a medical call on the 2200 block of Newport Court in Discovery Bay.

According to Jimmy Lee, spokesperson for the Contra Costa County sheriff’s office, the victim reported that an explosion outside the house had caused an injury to her hand. Deputies saw evidence that the home was possibly shot at by an unknown person.

An extensive search was conducted by Deputy Sheriffs, STARR3 helicopter and an Antioch Police K-9. No suspects or evidence were located.

The victim was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to her hand.

Discovery Bay resident, Tony Rigoni, explained that he had just taken his mother out to dinner for her 75th birthday. She returned home and was attempting to close her bedroom window when she was shot, apparently startling an intruder as he was at attempting to enter.

Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff at (925) 313-2500. For any tips, please email: tips@so.cccounty.us or call 866-846-3592to leave an anonymous voice message.


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