Updated Friday, October 11 (9:04 a.m.)

(Thursday, October 10, 2013) ——  Discovery Bay dog mauling:  A 7-year old boy received medical transport via helicopter to Childrens Hospital Oakland at 7:16 Thursday evening.  According to the East Conta Costa Fire Protection District, the child had sustained multiple injuries to the face, resulting from bites from a family dog on Amesbury Drive in Discovery Bay.  The child was transferred from ambulance to helicopter next to Timber Point school due to the severity of the injuries.

Contra Costa Animal Control is investigating the incident and no criminal charges or citations have been issued at this time.  Deputy Director of CC Animal Control Services, Rick Golphin, state the dog breed was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The dog was licensed with the county and has no known history.  Animal control will be speaking with neighbors in their investigation to find if there may have been any unreported incidents regarding the animal. At this time, the dog has been impounded at Animal Control and will remain there for duration of the investigation.



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