Fuel Spill - Photo by Nate Anderson, EBF PhotographyhazmatBONEHEAD AWARD GRAPHIC

Discovery Bay Hazardous Material Spill

(SATURDAY, APRIL 6)  —-  A hazardous material spill occurred in Discovery Bay this afternoon, at the Safeway Fuel Station (Hwy 4/Bixler Rd.).

The spill raised some eyebrows as there was a tremendous response to the incident. The result of a boat owner attempting to fuel his large fishing boat by placing the fuel nozzle into a fishing pole holder, rather than the gas tank.

Only 22 gallons were pumped when the error was discovered, but it had entered the storm drain and so Engine 159 of the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District notified the appropriate agencies.  Fire Chief, Hugh Henderson stated the situation was ultimately mitigated by the Contra Costa County Hazardous Materials Team.

The HAZ-MAT team placed absorbent booms into the storm drains.  Engine 159 flushed the storm drain at the point of entry with tank water pushing the fuel into the absorbent booms.

Responders included the ECCFPD, Contra Costa Co. HAZ-MAT, Fish and Game, CHP, Sheriff’s Dept. & B/C5.


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