Last week, Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Caltrans held a groundbreaking ceremony for the State Route 4 (SR4)/Sand Creek Road Interchange Project. This will complete a four-lane facility from south of Laurel Road to Sand Creek Road. An interchange will be constructed so that SR4 will cross over Sand Creek Road with a single bridge, and a loop for westbound Sand Creek Road to eastbound SR4.


This project is intended to provide traffic congestion relief to the significant congestion that occurs between Lone Tree Way and Sand Creek Road, and at the SR4/Sand Creek Road intersection. Anticipated completion is Spring 2014.


“This widening project will help reduce congestion on State Route 4 and save motorists time and money on their commute,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “When we consider this and other projects on the highway, residents can clearly see that their tax dollars are hard at work in Contra Costa County.”


CCTA and Caltrans are also widening SR4 to four lanes in each direction in Antioch and Pittsburg. Caltrans is also widening the median and shoulder in Discovery Bay.


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