Highway 4 Commute Ranked #10 Worst in U.S.

According to a national traffic study, the East Contra Costa County commute on Highway 4 is amongst the worst in the nation.
The CA-4 Eastbound commute, between Bailey Road and Sommersville Road, is well known for it’s daily traffic congestion.  Despite ongoing highway improvements along Highway 4, the traffic problem actually ranks worse than in 2010, when it was ranked #13.
In the reverse direction, CA-4 Westbound from Hillcrest to Sommersville ranked #26, compared to #25 in 2010.
Results announced in May, by independent traffic study group INRIX, also revealed several other highly congested corridors in the Bay Area. Ultimately, ranking the Bay Area the #3 worst region in the country for traffic. Factors included congestion and commute times.
Other Bay Area commutes named amongst the nation’s worst are available for your review at the INRIX Traffic Scorecard website:  http://scorecard.inrix.com/scorecard/uscorridors.asp

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