DBYC Opening Day Boat Parade, April 16

Discovery Bay Yacht Club’s Opening Day Parade will take April 16th.  The Parade starts at Lighthouse Bay at 1:00 PM, and will wind through bays until it reaches the Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor around 3-4:00 PM.  

 The boat decorating theme this year is “Make a Wish—Make it Special”.

Discovery Bay Yacht Club is inviting any families and special children that would like to ride in the parade to contact Pat Anderson at Pat4411@gmail.com or 925 216-4411.

Non-member boaters who would like to participate in the parade should also contact Pat Anderson: Pat4411@gmail.com. This is a lot of fun and those who participate in the parade are invited to the Awards party after the parade.

Will it come in my bay?     See the route map here, BUT:  Prior to the Parade each bay will be inspected to make sure that it is safe to enter, as some bays may be difficult to navigate, due to the current weed problems.  If it is determined that the weeds are to evasive those bays will be cut from the parade route.   The homes that will be effected from viewing the parade will be notified.


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