Town of Discovery Bay Reaches Out

The Town of Discovery Bay has announced the formation of three committees designed to assist the Community Service District Directors and Town staff in their future decision-making process. All three committees will include two CSD Directors and three Discovery Bay residents. Applications were accepted through early March, and the residents selected to serve were announced at the CSD meeting on March 16. The Budget Committee will be announced on April 6th.

CSD Director, Chris Steele, shared his enthusiasm for the new committees, and was “pleased by the number of residents expressing a desire to become involved in the process.” While there was not enough room to include everyone who applied, he “hopes those people will remain involved”, and welcomes the new members of the committees.

Community Center Committee:  Director Chris Steele, Director Ray Tetrault, Bob Abbadie, Jim Mattison, and Sean O’toole.

Communications Committee:  Director Kevin Graves, Director Chris Steele, Chris Middleton, Amanda Dove, and Jennifer Mixon Chris Middleton.

The Budget Committee will be led by CSD Directors Mark Simon and Ray Tetrault.


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