Water supply flushing will be performed throughout Discovery Bay neighborhoods beginning in April and ending in May.  Veolia Water, the Town’s contractor, will have crews exercising fire hydrants and flushing water mains. This process ensures good quality drinking water for Discovery Bay customers.

Water main flushing will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete in each section where the work is to be performed. During this time Veolia Water crews will be closing valves and opening hydrants to flush any sediment from the water mains. You may notice water running down the street during this time and it is considered normal and is not a cause for alarm. Veolia Water will provide door hangers to those homes impacted in the area at time of the flushing. During those times it is advised to not use any water. If any water fixtures are opened during the flushing period, there is a chance of some brown colored water entering through the water pipes and into your home. If you experience any discoloration in your water following the flushing, please let cold water run from all faucets for approximately 20 minutes until the water is again clear. The discoloration is from built up Iron & manganese sediment and is normal and not unhealthy. If residents have any questions during the flushing they may contact Veolia Water at (925) 634-8818 or the Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District (925) 634-1131

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