Straw Hat Pizza Eating Contest
  Winner of $500, Matthew  Sponi 
    The Discovery Bay Straw Hat Pizza location hosted it’s first annual Pizza Eating Contest November 6th, filling the restaurant with contest participants and onlookers.  After 12 minutes, Matthew Stoni (of San Jose) had finished a full king size pizza, and also a full large size pizza!  Not far behind was Ken Douglas, of Stockton. There was a 3-way tie for 3rd place, all Discovery Bay locals.
Winner, 18-year old Mathew Stoni, told us following event that this was his ninth food eating contest, and his ninth first place win!  He started with Burrito-Zilla near his home, and most recently won the Lumpy’s Diner hamburger eating contest.
Straw Hat Pizza is located in the Safeway Shopping Center on Highway 4 in Discovery Bay, and you can find their Pizza truck next to the Judges tent at the December 4th Discovery Bay Parade-of-Lights!

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