A few months ago, Discovery Bay residents received automated calls warning of a tornado sighting.  With so many households now without land-line telephones,  most with unlisted mobile phone numbers, many homes are missed in this process.  What if there was a serious emergency in our community?  A levee break, an earthquake….

You can sign up to receive automated email messages (to your desktop or smartphone) through the Contra costa County Community Warning System.  Registering here will also alert you to Statewide emergencies if you so desire.

How can I receive instant emergency notification messages on the Internet?    You may want to obtain a free subscription with the EDIS automated e-mail messaging system, to receive the messages on your computer or email enabled pager, by subscribing at www.edis-by-email.net.   For latest messages posted, visit the EDIS at http://edis.oes.ca.gov.

Discovery Bay has never had a clear emergency management plan for residents in the event of such an emergency.  I’m working on details on where to go and what to do in case of such an event.  I’ll keep you posted!


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